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PiP Implants Scotland Campaign

PiP Breast Implant Scotland

Welcome to the PiP Implants Scotland Campaign group website - set up for women affected by PiP implants, a type of implant that contains low-grade industrial silicone more suitable for use as a mattress filler than a surgical material.

PiP implants are dangerous and unreliable – they are up to 600% more likely to rupture than standard silicone implants and have a rupture rate in excess of 25%.

Like you, we were shocked and scared by the news that our breast implants might be faulty, and our health might be in danger.

Like you, we were unsure what we should do next.

And like you, we wanted to make sure that this could never happen again.

We've set up PiP Implants Scotland, a campaign and support group for Scottish women affected by PiP breast implants. Helped by Thompsons Solicitors, the leading personal injury firm in Scotland, we are fighting for justice for Scottish PIP victims and campaigning for a public inquiry into the scandal.

We also want to support each other through this trauma. As a start, we've put some useful information on this site and we'll use it to update you on our latest news and advice.

If you want to join us, or speak to other PiP victims, you can - just check out our Facebook page.

Good luck!

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